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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Defibs.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills 123 Canadians a day.
That's one Canadian every 12 minutes.

Chance of survival drops 7-10% for every minute without defibrillation.
This means civilian response is critical.

Defibrillators are easy* to use, effective, and everywhere.
*There are reports of untrained 6th graders effectively using defibs in 97 seconds.

together WE can save lives...

Emergency Map

Our map allows civilians like yourself to effectively respond if you see a Cardiac Arrest.

We map defibrillators for emergencies. Our data consists of 380 locations that the City of Ottawa maintains, and additional crowdsourced locations.

and if responding to emergencies is not your cup of tea...

crowdsource & reward

Defibrillators are everywhere, but we need your help finding them.

You submit information about defibrillators you find.

Crowdsourced information is peer reviewed to ensure quality.

Edits and additions to our map earn points as you try to top the Ottawa leaderboard, unlock badges, and earn prizes.

Apps4Ottawa Winners!

We recently won all 3 of our categories in the Apps4Ottawa competition: Judge's pic for gold, people's choice, and best Windows 8 app.

With our prize money we can develop iOS and Android versions of Ottawa's Heart, and build in support for offline maps. Thank you for all your support so far!

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